Cine de Neón – Carteles alternativos de clásicos animados con neones

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Hoy hemos descubierto estas curiosas animaciones de Michael Whaite (en twitter @MrWhaite), en ellas convierte en supuestos neones a algunos clásicos indiscutibles de la historia del cine.

Podéis ver la colección completa en


North By Northwest in neon.


A neon poster for The Seven Year Itch.


It&#8217;s the Wimbledon finals this weekend, so I thought this would be a suitable neon poster to mark the occasion. It&#8217;s the creepy scene from Strangers on a Train where Guy Haines (Farley Granger) is being stalked by Robert Walker&#8217;s murderous Bruno.<br />
At a tennis match the crowd watch the ball play back and forth while Bruno remains motionless, staring menacingly across the court at Guy.<br />
A classic Hitchcock moment - can you spot him in the crowd?


A neon poster for The Shining.


Jaws was released 36 years ago today and I still won’t get back in the water.<br />
For this design, I initially tried animating the classic Jaws poster with the swimmer and shark. Unfortunately it looked like the girl was swimming on the spot and the shark was chewing gum - not very menacing!<br />
Instead, I’ve gone for a pair of shapely female legs treading water - it evokes a sleazy strip-club neon sign but with added danger. Also, the ripples are a neat link to the previous Spielberg neon poster, Jurassic Park. 


A neon poster for King Kong (1933), complete with Art Deco and a large phallic symbol.<br />
I&#8217;ve also added to the neon with some flashing bulbs for this design - After all, he is &#8216;The Eighth Wonder Of The World&#8217;.


A neon poster for Inception.<br />
Is it real or is it all a dream?<br />
It&#8217;s real.


A neon poster for Jurassic Park - you&#8217;ll have to provide your own sound effects.<br />
It would&#8217;ve been fun to animate a neon T-rex for this poster, but Spielberg does such a great job of building up the tension before he&#8217;s revealed - the classic cup scene seemed like a more appropriate image.<br />
Besides, for The Lost World poster I get to animate 2&#160;T-rexes pulling a man apart. Cool! 


The world famous, Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest - in neon. (Just be thankful that I didn&#8217;t animate the Gimp scene.)<br />
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